Right Brain Development

Age Group 1 Month to 14 Years

Our Education System as well as negative Environment activate only Left Brain which makes children more Logical and Analytical. Left Brain takes only one input at a time and makes children more negative, distrective, pamper, hiper-active. To overcome all these problems we need to develop both sides of brain (left and right). Since we are using less than 1% of the Right Brain it becomes necessary to develop the Right Brain so that their Concentraion, Power, Permanent memory,Positive Thinking, Creativity, Interest in studies, confidence and photographic memory can be increased and a Child will become more powerful positive and successful person in life and work for society.

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The best way to develop child's brain and make them very fast in calculation


DMIT a test to know the children's inborn qualities and weakness or in which field your child can success easily

Vedic Math

It is ancient way of fast calculation. To remember big questions as well as dates and number by photographic memory.

Welcome to Genius Brain kids

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balances Right & Left Brain
Photography Memory
develops Concentration
Confidence Boosting

The Awesomeness of Human Brain

According to the scientists reviews, man only incorporates less then 10% of his brain capacity. this shows how awesome a human can be , if it's utilized more. Although man only uses less than 10% of his brain's ability, we can witness the created human cultures that are really extraordinary.

Human Brain has 1 trillion brain cells and is able to have awesome capabilities. Do you know that 1 brain cell of a man has a power capable to beat any most sophisticated computer


We provide three classes with nine to twenty children each aged twelve months to fourteen years of age.