Every child in this country has the capability to utilise his full potential and contribute to the development of the nation.


To develop into an institute providing total solution for the complete  development of a child and also the empowerment of the women of this country.

Parents Review

Genius Brain Kids Play school we find only school in India which focus on Right Brain Development to increase their concentration , Memory power and Confidence, my son is now performing better in formal school.

-Mr  Sumit kumar F/o Abhishek

I am tension free leaving my daughter in Genius Brain Kids Day care centre. I can see  lot of improvements through your Scientific Brain Development  program . I am very happy with your love and affection towards children.

-Dr. Rani Deepak M/o Dhrishti

My son was hyper active . Now he is Very gentle Child with the help of Genius Brain  RBD(Right Brain Development) Course. I recommend it to every Child.

-Mrs  Babita Mehta M/o Arjun

I am very much thankful to Genius brain Kids for providing me the training of ABACUS & RBD . Today I am earning a handsome amount and helping children.

-Ms  MONIKA , Trainner

My son did your brain development program . He is scoring top grades. For this I thanks Genius Brain.

-Mr Shiv kumarn F/o Sai Ram

Genius Brain Soroban (Abacus ) Course is Different from other Abacus Program and very helpful for children for making them top in every field.

-Mrs  Suman, Teacher

I wish all the best to genius Brain  team to nurture my daughter in a scientific way for her bright future.

-Prof. R.V.  Narayan  f/o  Avika

Thanks Genius Brain Kids for such a powerful program of Right Brain Development . It helped a lot to my daughter.

-Dr. PK Sharma f/o Ritika

My son done abacus and RBD Program of Genius Brain Kids . Now he is very fast in every  activity as well as studies.

-Mrs  Ritu Sharma M/O Arnav

Genius Brain Kids’s RBD (Right brain Development ) Course helped my son to change his behavior and interest in studies. Now I will put my daughter also in RBD course.

-Mrs  Vandana M/o Naman

Whole Brain Development Program

Right Brain, Left Brain Functions 5(1)

Today we are using more and more left brain which help us to make childen more logical and analytical but left brain takes one input at a time and makes children more negative, destructive,pamper,hiper-active.


Actual brain development starts from the fifth month of pregnancy . It grows very fast during this period. We give training to expected mothers to activate both (Left and Right) sides of the brain of the fetus.


This time is very crucial for Brain Development as you know we need to balance both sides of brain. Left brain is being developed by our environment but right brain is not being developed. Therefore, we focus on Right Brain Development (RBD) for this programme trained the mothers.

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Since 2005, Genius Brain Kids has established itself as leader in advance abacus mental arithmetic education. We are an award-winning educational institution with an international presence and our unique brain gym-based learning programs has been trusted and proven with a track record to boot.

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